VFD/Soft Starter Repair

Power Services, LLC is a residential and commercial/industrial electrical service provider servicing the Gainesville, Georgia and surrounding Atlanta metropolitan area. We employ a team of professionals who bring a comprehensive technical skill set to address all of your electric service needs. Our team of experts collaborates with our customers in providing state of the art and cost effective solutions to their electrical service needs. One of our teams expertise areas is the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and soft starter arena.
  • Utilizing soft starters on your electrical devices helps the customer achieve:
  1. Improved efficiency of your electrical motors and devices
  2. Controlled startup thereby reducing wear and tear and subsequent down time on your equipment.
  3. Controlled acceleration allowing for a smoother transition during motor acceleration. 
After a free on site assessment is made by our expert team and in collaboration with the customer a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) may be a better option based on several individual circumstances. Utilizing a VFD also provides the same benefits for the customer as a soft starter application by controlling both the voltage and the frequency of the power supply ensuring a smooth transition to full power from your electric motors and electrical devices.
Both of the applications are backed by the Power Solutions, LLC guarantee of an individualized proactive solution to each customer’s needs. Please call our professional team today to schedule a free on site evaluation to help you achieve maximum benefits from your electrical equipment and provide for a reduction in down time and costly equipment replacement.